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Whether you were born with abnormally sized ears or your earlobes have suffered an unsightly injury, you can trust Dr. Harirchian as an elite facial plastic surgeon who can alter the shape, size or form of the ears to create a more balanced and attractive appearance.

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Eyes & Brows

The eyes are one of the first facial features to convey emotion. If your sagging eyelids or drooping brows are causing you to look tired, angry or sad, we can help. Dr. Harirchian offers minimally invasive procedures to rejuvenate the eyes and brows.

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Face & Neck

Dr. Harirchian brings unrivaled talent and skill when it comes to facelift surgery and other cosmetic procedures for the face and neck. She offers a full menu of options, ranging from minimal downtime facelifts and cheek augmentations, to Mohs surgery reconstruction and treatments that contour the neck and jaw line.

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Facial Reconstructive

When it comes to reconstructing the face after a trauma or congenital defect, Dr. Harirchian pursues the most advanced techniques available while using a patient-centered approach. She can restore your face to its natural beauty while preserving or improving function.

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Injectables & Fillers

No longer do you have to undergo plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time. Our Houston office provides a complete menu of non-invasive treatments in facial rejuvenation. With minimal time and discomfort and little to no downtime, we can help you regain a more confident you.

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Lip Augmentation

Do you want to regain the beautiful lips of your youth? Dr. Harirchian offers an expansive list of surgical and non-surgical procedures for the lips, including those that add volume, define lip borders and alter the shape of the lips.

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Male Facial Plastic Surgery

For men, plastic surgery can be an investment to improve relationships, advance a professional career and boost self-confidence. Our Houston office offers a number of cosmetic procedures that are specifically tailored for men, including methods to maximize masculinity and desirability in the jaw, cheeks and nose.

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Non-surgical Procedures

No longer do you have to undergo plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time. Our Houston office provides a complete menu of non-invasive treatments in facial rejuvenation. With minimal time and discomfort and little to no downtime, we can help you regain a more confident you.

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Despite its central position on the face, the nose should never attract attention. If you are bothered by a nose that is too large, unbalanced or otherwise unattractive, Dr. Harirchian can help. She specializes in advanced rhinoplasty procedures, including those that can improve breathing function and those that are tailored to specific ethnic groups.

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Restore and rejuvenate, ensuring the most natural and beautiful results with limited downtime and recovery. Dr Harirchian is committed to restoring the most natural, refreshed, and revitalized version of yourself. She is committed to highlighting your individual beauty.


Dr Sanaz Harirchian is an expert at integrating art and science, using the most advanced and cutting edge techniques for facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She believes in a minimally invasive maximally effective approach to facial rejuvenation.


Dr Harirchian’s practice is entirely dedicated to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face. As a face specialist, she understands the intricate anatomy of the face and that each face is unique. Dr Harirchian’s care is personalized according to individual desires and features.


Houston Plastic Craniofacial & Sinus Surgery

5 / 5.0

Based on 21 reviews

Facelift, eyelid surgery

I am healthy and wanted my appearance to be reflective of the way I felt inside. I am very pleased with my procedure. Very natural results. Everything was just as Dr H explained to me. When I came out of recovery, Dr H was there.

Lower eyelid surgery

My experience with Dr Harirchian has been fantastic, both in the office and during/after my surgical procedure. She is knowledgeable, caring, warm and confident. I appreciate her personal touch (calling, accessibility). I was increasingly self-conscious of my lower lid bags/dark circles. I was ready for a permanent solution after trying fillers. I am beyond thrilled with the results.

Love my new eyes. I had dark circles under my eyes which would not go away with makeup or concealer. Dr H put filler in my eyes and it worked! I love it.

Morgan W.
Amazing rhinoplasty result!

We had a very positive experience. Dr Harirchian was professional and caring. We will be back! My daughter was having a terrible time breathing and was unhappy with the size/shape of her nose. Dr Harirchian helped her breathe and gave her the nose she always wanted.

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