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If you have Bell’s Palsy, Dr. Harirchian offers excellence in facial reconstruction to help you overcome the effects of your facial paralysis. Bell’s Palsy is a condition in which one side of your face weakens or is paralyzed. It only affects one side of your face at a time and can result in a facial droop or become stiff. It occurs when your facial nerve experiences some type of trauma to the seventh cranial nerve.

Bell’s Palsy symptoms can appear very similar to a person who experienced a stroke. For this reason, it is important to know the difference between a stroke and Bell’s Palsy. If you experience a stroke you life will be altered in many ways. If you are a victim of Bell’s Palsy you will have a 90% recovery rate.

Both Bell’s Palsy and stroke victims typically experience a facial droop on one side of the face. However, if you have facial weakness just in your lower face it usually indicates that you had a stroke. Older patients usually experience strokes, while Bell’s Palsy can be in younger patients as well.

If you experience a Bell’s Palsy attack your sense of taste may change. You may also begin drooling and slurring your speech. Your ears may become painful and you may experience hypersensitivity to sound. If you experience a stroke you usually become faint and you may have a seizure.

If you have a distorted face due to Bell’s Palsy, contact Dr. Harirchian so she can evaluate your candidacy for facial reanimation surgery. She can restore the balance and symmetry of your facial features that have been affected by paralysis.

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I am healthy and wanted my appearance to be reflective of the way I felt inside. I am very pleased with my procedure. Very natural results. Everything was just as Dr H explained to me. When I came out of recovery, Dr H was there.

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My experience with Dr Harirchian has been fantastic, both in the office and during/after my surgical procedure. She is knowledgeable, caring, warm and confident. I appreciate her personal touch (calling, accessibility). I was increasingly self-conscious of my lower lid bags/dark circles. I was ready for a permanent solution after trying fillers. I am beyond thrilled with the results.

Love my new eyes. I had dark circles under my eyes which would not go away with makeup or concealer. Dr H put filler in my eyes and it worked! I love it.

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We had a very positive experience. Dr Harirchian was professional and caring. We will be back! My daughter was having a terrible time breathing and was unhappy with the size/shape of her nose. Dr Harirchian helped her breathe and gave her the nose she always wanted.

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