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Common Questions About Perforated Septums

If you’ve been diagnosed with a perforated septum you may have several questions related to it. Dr. Harirchian would like to address some common questions about a perforated septum.

What is a perforated septum?

Septum perforation is a hole that has developed in the dividing wall of your cartilage in your nose.

How do I know if I have a perforated septum?

The good news is that you probably will know something is wrong when you’re suffering from a perforated septum. You probably will struggle with your breathing. You might have chronic sinusitis, dry mouth, nosebleeds, snoring or other breathing difficulties.

What could have caused my perforated septum?

If you had a prior nose surgery, nasal trauma, cocaine use, excessive nose picking or other medical conditions, these can all cause your septum to perforate.

Will my perforated septum heal on its own?

Perforated septums may heal on their own. There are many factors that go into whether or not it will go away naturally. The size of the perforation is a big factor. A big question to answer when determining if it will heal itself or not is, “why do you have a perforation in the first place?”

If you’re struggling with a septum perforation, call Dr. Sanaz Harirchian to see if septoplasty can help restore your breathing and patch your septum perforation. She uses advanced and trusted techniques, so you can feel confident that you are getting the best treatment available to you. Call and book your appointment today.

Sanaz Harirchian, M.D