The nasal septum is the middle wall of cartilage and bone that divides the nose into two distinct nasal cavities. The septum has a functional and aesthetic responsibility within the nose. It allows efficient breathing, as well as supports the midline of the nose and helps define the nasal tip. When the nasal septum suffers damage or becomes off-center, disruptive symptoms can result. Patients who have a deviated or perforated septum may experience chronic sinusitis, dry mouth, nosebleeds, snoring and other breathing difficulties. Septoplasty is the most preferred and proven nose procedure to restore proper breathing to a nose with a deviated septum while also maintaining or improving its cosmetic appearance.

Dr. Harirchian is proud to offer excellence in deviated septum and perforation repair in Houston. She is a skilled facial plastic surgeon that specializes in septoplasty and other nose surgeries. Dr. Harirchian understands the intricate structures of the nose, both internally and externally. If a deviated septum is compromising your breathing function, you can trust that she will take dedicated measures to carefully and effectively straighten the septum and remove any airway blockage that is causing your symptoms. Septoplasty can often be performed through the nostrils, which means there is no visible bruising or scarring. Dr. Harirchian frequently helps patients that need deviated septum repair along with cosmetic nose correction. She is a highly respected rhinoplasty surgeon who is fully equipped to bring long-lasting and natural results.

Relief for Your Breathing Problems

In addition to deviated septum repair, Dr. Harirchian also provides breathing relief for patients with septum perforation. This occurs when a hole develops in the dividing wall of cartilage. A prior nose surgery, nasal trauma, cocaine use, excessive nose picking and certain medical conditions can cause the septum to be perforated. Minor perforations typically heal on their own with time. However, when the hole is large, surgical intervention may be necessary. Dr. Harirchian uses advanced techniques to close or patch a septum perforation so that more efficient and comfortable breathing can be regained.

To learn more about Dr. Harirchian’s expertise and experience in functional nose surgeries, please contact our officetoday. Beyond deviated septum and perforation repairs, she also offers nasal fracture treatment, nasal valve collapse repair and saddle nose repair. Whether you are bothered by the way your nose looks or you are unable to enjoy full function of your nose, we can help you at our state-of-the-art plastic surgery center in Houston.