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Do You Have Nose Envy?

Envy desires something that someone else has. It can relate to other people’s possessions such as cars, homes or even pets. Envy can also relate to desiring a physical feature that someone else has. Do you experience this on any level? Maybe you envy the shape or contour of someone else’s nose. If you do, it may be time for you to consider ways that you could achieve a similar appearance for your nose.

While you may want your nose to look like someone else’s that you’re admiring, you need to remember that not one nose fits every person. You’ll want to consider the shape of your entire face and how that specific nose you’ve been coveting will fit into all proportions of your face. You’ll also want to remember that your ethnicity can play a big part in choosing the right rhinoplasty surgery for you.

It is very helpful, when you desire a new look for your nose, to compile a list of the features you desire to achieve. Having this list and also sample pictures can be helpful when working with your rhinoplasty surgeon to know the look you desire. Working with an experienced professional such as Sanaz Harirchian, is a big benefit to you. She can help you decide which nose reconstruction is right for you.

At Sanaz Harirchian Facial Plastic Surgery, we are trained to carefully, safely and skillfully perform your rhinoplasty procedure to achieve your desired outcome. Call and book your appointment with us today.

Sanaz Harirchian, M.D