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Non-Surgical Brow Lift

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The eyes are a central focus of our face. The eyebrows frame the eyes, and are important for facial appearance and expression. Eyebrow shape and contour can change with age. Gravity, genetics, loss of fat, and muscle movement can pull the eyebrows down as we age. As a result, the face may look tired, angry, or sad. Eyebrow descent or ptosis can worsen upper eyelid skin folds, increasing the amount of skin covering the upper eyelid.

There are surgical and non-surgical techniques for lifting the eyebrow. There are many techniques for surgical brow lifts, including the endoscopic brow lift, temporal brow lift, pretrichial brow lift, direct brow lift, browpexy, and coronal brow lift. Dr Harirchian is a specialist in cosmetic surgery of the eyes & brows and will choose the technique that is best for you.

A non-surgical brow lift uses neuromodulators, such as Botox® to lift the eyebrows. Botox® temporarily weakens the muscles around the eye that pull the eyebrows down. As a result, the eyebrow is lifted and the eyes look bigger and more open. The effects of Botox® usually last 3 months, although some people have longer lasting results. Botox® needs to be injected in the right location for the best and most natural looking results.

Am I a candidate for a non-surgical brow lift?

A non-surgical brow lift is best for people with mild brow ptosis. It most effectively improves lateral brow ptosis, which is the outer ½ of the eyebrow. The best candidates for a non-surgical brow lift have mild eyebrow descent and do not want surgery. You can achieve great results with a non-surgical brow lift in the right patient. If you have moderate or severe brow droop, or want a permanent procedure, you may benefit more from a surgical brow lift. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Harirchian about a non-surgical brow lift.

My procedure with Dr. Harirchian was amazing. She was very thorough explaining what she was going to do and why. She even followed up several days later to review how everything went and see if I was happy with my results.

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Sanaz Harirchian, M.D