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Chin Augmentation

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Augmentation of a receded chin may be performed in multiple ways. For patients with misalignment of the upper and lower jaw leading to a bite abnormality (known as malocclusion), orthognathic surgery is preferred to address the malocclusion and chin recession at the same time.

For patients with normal occlusion and a receded or weak chin, Dr Harirchian performs a mentoplasty. Mentoplasty, or chin implant surgery, is a surgical face & neck procedure used to correct a receding chin. This will harmonize facial features and create better bone structure. In men, a stronger jawline may be more desirable, while in women a softer look is generally preferred. Dr Harirchian performs a mentoplasty with a biocompatible synthetic chin implant which looks and feels like your own tissue.

Chin augmentation with a chin implant may be performed as the sole surgical procedure. Often, it is combined with other surgical procedures to optimize facial harmony. A receded chin will often make a large nose appear larger and vice versa. Therefore, mentoplasty is often performed in combination with a rhinoplasty. Chin implant surgery is also performed with neck liposuction in patients with a bulge under the chin and a weak chin. A facelift is also combined with a chin implant in patients who are facelift candidates and have a receded chin.

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Sanaz Harirchian, M.D