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Hope Restored After Facial Trauma

“The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope.” –Samuel Johnson

If you’ve suffered from facial trauma, you are most likely suffering from layers of pain. You may be battling with the physical pain that is a result of your injury or trauma. In addition to the physical complications and pain that your trauma may cause, you are possibly suffering from the emotional trauma as a result of your injury. Your facial trauma may prevent you from communicating with your facial expressions, which can cause confusion and misunderstanding.

Sanaz Harirchian is sensitive to the multiple layers of damage that facial trauma has caused you. She is an expert at helping her patients like you feel and look your best after your facial injury or trauma. Her extensive experience in repairing and reconstructing facial trauma will be a great benefit to you as you regain hope that what was lost can be restored.

Dr. Harirchian will develop a plan for your facial trauma for you to restore your most natural appearance and function. She will help you put the past injury to your face and emotions behind you, and restore the hope you’ve needed to move forward in freedom.

If you or a loved one suffered from facial trauma, contact Dr. Sanaz Harirchian today. She is committed to implementing the best surgical plan possible to restore your face and hope. Contact her office in Houston today to schedule your consultation.

Sanaz Harirchian, M.D