Botox™ has consistently been the most common cosmetic procedure performed in injectables & fillers over the past few years. It works quickly, is minimally invasive, and yields great results when used by an experienced injector. Dr Harirchian is a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation of the face.

Why Choose Botox™ Cosmetic Treatment?

Botox™ temporarily relaxes muscles, and is used to treat wrinkles of the face and neck that cause an aged appearance.

Botox™ and Dysport™ are made of a protein which blocks nerves, thereby relaxing the muscle. Botox™ is very effective at treating and eliminating wrinkles, as well as preventing wrinkles. By relaxing the muscle that causes wrinkles, deep wrinkles will never form. The result is a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. The results typically last 3 months.

Botox™ needs to be injected properly by an experienced practitioner to avoid relaxing undesired muscles, causing complications such as a fallen eyelid or eyebrow or visual changes. In addition, Botox™ needs to be injected carefully to avoid a frozen and unnatural look. Dr Harirchian has many years of experience in cosmetic surgery & rejuvenation of the face. She is experienced at knowing where and how much to inject to give a refreshed and natural appearance.

Where Can Botox™ Be Used?

Botox™ is used in areas of the face where wrinkles result from muscle movement.

This includes

  • Forehead: to eliminate forehead wrinkles
  • Between the eyebrows – the “glabella”
  • Around the eyes – the “crow’s feet”
  • The eyebrow: to give a nonsurgical browlift
  • Around the mouth: to eliminate fine lines & wrinkles
  • In the neck platysma muscle: to soften neck platysmal bands
  • In addition, Botox™ can be used to soften the jawline in patients with masseter hypertrophy (“chewing muscle”)

How Do I know If I Am Ready for Botox™?

It is never too late to start Botox™. However, the results are always better when you start Botox™ before the wrinkles are deep. Once the wrinkles are deep, then often Botox™ needs to be combined with other treatments such as dermal fillers or lasers for best results.

Dr Harirchian recommends using Botox™ for both the treatment and prevention of wrinkles. She suggests starting preventative Botox™ when you make a facial expression, relax, and you still see a fine line. At that point, if you do not start preventing wrinkle formation with Botox™, then the lines will become deeper and the skin will restructure to leave a permanent deep wrinkle.

What Will My Consultation Be Like?

Dr Harirchian will carefully examine your face and discuss your goals. She will discuss very specific treatments without any downtime or recovery. Botox™ is injected using a very small needle. There is rarely any bruising or any downtime, and you can return to work immediately after. There may be some redness at the injection site which resolves within an hour. There is rarely any discomfort during the injection. Botox™ starts to work within 2-3 days and the full results take 7-10 days. Dr Harirchian always guarantees natural and refreshed results.

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