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Making Your Lips More Kissable For Valentine’s Day With Lip Augmentation Options

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Who doesn’t love a holiday that celebrates love? Whether it’s your spouse, friend, children or pet it’s fun to find special ways to show your loved ones that you love them. One way to show them some love is by a simple kiss. Did you know kissing amps up your happy hormones? At Sanaz Harirchian Facial Plastic Surgery, we want all of our patients, happy, healthy and kissable, so we offer many lip augmentation options to give you more kissable lips for your Valentine.

Fat Grafting

Dermal fat grafting for the lips is a proven and safe procedure that harvests a patient’s own fatty tissue from areas such as the hips, stomach and thighs. Once the grafting is purified it can be injected into the lips to define their borders and recreate the desirable Cupid’s Bow. It can also plump lips so they look and feel natural. Patients will enjoy long-term results and also slim other areas of their body at the same time, as the utilized fat is typically harvested from problem areas such as the buttocks and abdomen. Fat grafting is known for its predicable results and low patient risk.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation includes methods that place inconspicuous incisions inside the lips or mouth. The procedure requires minimal downtime and accelerated recovery. Your lip lift, lip implant, lip plumping, lip de-wrinkling, or definition to your Cupid’s Bow will be natural looking and sustainable.

Lip Lift

A lip lift can effectively reduce the vertical height of the upper lift as well as provide more definition in the lip borders. It can also create a subtle eversion of the upper lip, which is a very desirable lip feature. This procedure is a longer lasting and natural-looking enhancement than repeated lip filler injections.

Lip Reduction

Unlike lip enhancement, lip reduction can only be achieved with surgery. Although surgery is required, it is a straightforward in-office procedure. During the surgery, you will have a portion of the lips removed through tiny hidden incisions inside the lips. Patients typically heal quickly and moderate discomfort diminishes after a few days.

Dr. Sanaz Harirchian is your solution to making your lips more kissable. Call and schedule your appointment today.

Sanaz Harirchian, M.D