Lips that are too large can compromise the overall balance and beauty of the face. While there are a number of procedures to add volume to thin lips, Dr. Harirchian also offers dedicated techniques to reduce the size of lips that are protruding or overly large. Whether you have recently suffered from a botched lip surgery or you were born with large, overpowering lips, we are confident that we can help you regain more attractive, proportional and natural-looking lips with our lip treatments.

Cosmetic Correction for Protruding Lips

Unlike lip enhancement, lip reduction can only be achieved with surgery. However, it is a straightforward in-office procedure. Dr. Harirchian will carefully remove a portion of the lips through tiny, hidden incisions inside the lips. In general, patients heal quickly and moderate discomfort diminishes after a few days.

The lips can be effectively resized and reshaped during this procedure for maximum results and a more desirable contour. Depending on the severity of your protruding lips and your personal goals for surgery, a rhinoplasty can also be performed with lip reduction. A rhinoplasty can further bring the nose and lips into better proportion and create a more attractive and harmonious facial appearance. As always, Dr. Harirchian takes ample time with each patient to explain treatment options and help them make an informed decision about their cosmetic surgery. The lips are a highly valuable facial feature that deserves meticulous skill and artistry.

If you want permanent correction for your protruding lips, contact Dr. Sanaz Harirchian in Houston today. We offer a wide variety of advanced lip augmentation procedures to help patients attain lips that are balanced, defined and beautiful.