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Tyranny of the urgent is a phrase used to highlight priorities and the way we use our time. The phrase came from a booklet written in the 1960s by Charles Hummel called Tyranny of the Urgent.  It has become a classic that highlights the tension between things that are urgent and things that are important. The premise is that often, the urgent things win your valuable time and attention.

In terms of skin care, the urgent may apply to many things that take priority over what’s important to your overall health of your skin. Often we focus on the urgent things we can see on our skin, rather than performing the daily important tasks for maintaining a healthy skin care routine.

Urgent Skin Care Might Look Like This:

  • When a worrisome growth or discoloration appears on your skin, you quickly book an appointment.
  • Only washing your face when you feel greasy or need a fresh application of makeup.
  • Applying sunscreen after you get burned on your first day at the beach.

Important Skin Care Should Look Like This:

  • Maintaining a proper skin care routine each day by cleaning and moisturizing your skin.
  • Always wearing protective sunscreen, makeup, and clothing to combat the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Booking appointments with Dr. Sanaz Harirchian for your skin care needs. She is well equipped to handle all types of Mohs skin cancer and facial reconstruction.

Call the office of Dr. Sanaz Harirchian today for all of your plastic surgery needs. She can help guide you on important methods to maintaining the health of your skin and beauty.

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Facelift, eyelid surgery

I am healthy and wanted my appearance to be reflective of the way I felt inside. I am very pleased with my procedure. Very natural results. Everything was just as Dr H explained to me. When I came out of recovery, Dr H was there.

Lower eyelid surgery

My experience with Dr Harirchian has been fantastic, both in the office and during/after my surgical procedure. She is knowledgeable, caring, warm and confident. I appreciate her personal touch (calling, accessibility). I was increasingly self-conscious of my lower lid bags/dark circles. I was ready for a permanent solution after trying fillers. I am beyond thrilled with the results.

Love my new eyes. I had dark circles under my eyes which would not go away with makeup or concealer. Dr H put filler in my eyes and it worked! I love it.

Morgan W.
Amazing rhinoplasty result!

We had a very positive experience. Dr Harirchian was professional and caring. We will be back! My daughter was having a terrible time breathing and was unhappy with the size/shape of her nose. Dr Harirchian helped her breathe and gave her the nose she always wanted.

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