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Restylane Defyne

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Enjoy the smoother skin of your youth with Restylane Defyne injections for laugh lines. If you have noticed deep laugh lines appearing around your nose and mouth, or “marionette lines” drooping from the corners of your mouth, you have options to smooth these lines without changing your natural expressions. Restylane Defyne is available at the Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic of Dr. Sanaz Harirchian, MD in Spring Valley Village.

Restylane Defyne is a specialized formula of hyaluronic acid gel that can be expertly placed through injection to smooth deep laugh lines and wrinkles around the mouth. In 2016, the FDA approved this treatment option of a cross-linked dermal filler from Restylane that allows for support of the facial muscles during natural movement and expression. Restylane Defyne gives patients an immediate improvement in the deep marionette or laugh lines while still allowing them to look like themselves when they smile, laugh or pout.

Smooth Deep Wrinkles

With Restylane Defyne, the natural elasticity of the skin is improved, along with more volume from the moisture-attracting attributes of the hyaluronic acid. This gives the skin flexible support which is needed in an area of the face that must move naturally. Restylane uses XpresHAn Technology to achieve this cross-linked approach to hyaluronic acid treatment, offering a better solution to minimizing lines and wrinkles in the expressive mouth area. Once injected, the results are almost immediate and the injections do not need to be repeated for up to 12 months to maintain the benefits.

I am healthy and wanted my appearance to be reflective of the way I felt inside. I am very pleased with my procedure. Very natural results. Everything was just as Dr H explained to me. When I came out of recovery, Dr H was there.

Sanaz Harirchian, MD is dedicated to offering our patients the latest options in safe, effective solutions to look their best at any age. If you have noticed marionette lines or deep wrinkles forming around your nose and mouth, contact our office today for a consultation. We offer both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic options, including Restylane Defyne injections.

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Sanaz Harirchian, M.D